ICITC 2018

International Conference On Indian Trade And Commerce: Past, Present & Future-2018

A three-day International Conference was organised by Kalinga Media Centre (KMC) under Utkal University of Culture in association with Institute of Media Studies (IMS) in Bhubaneswar from March 17 to 19. National repute research organizations like ICHR and ICSSR were associated with the event as academic partners.


India has a very rich heritage in trade and commerce. India began its journey in the field of trade and commerce as back as 5000 B.C. Historical evidence are there to prove that planned cites were available in India at that time and Indian textile, jewellery and perfumes used to be admired by the people all over the world. Indian traders were using currency for business since a long time. The archaeological discoveries also establish strong linkage between India and Central Asia. Thus, we can say that India has a rich heritage in trade and commerce which has contributed to their growth the world over.


Maritime trade which was responsible for enrichment of the Odishan people in the early and medieval period is a significant aspect of the study of the socio-economic history of Odisha. Overseas trade is an important element of the Odishan traditional accounts. Archaeological remains in Odisha as well as the vast literary texts of the early and medieval phase provide the evidence on the spectacular maritime activities of the merchants of Odisha.

IKalinga Media Centre (KMC) under Utkal University of Culture in association with Institute of Media Studies (IMS) jointly organised the International Conference on Indian Trade and Commerce (ICITC): Past, Present & Future in Bhubaneswar from 17th March to 19th March, 2018. The conference had brought together leading academicians, researchers and scholars in the field of culture, history and commerce. While several scholars, experts and researchers across the globe shared their thoughts at the three-day conference, more than 250 delegates across the India attended the meet