1. 75% attendance of the students in the classes is mandatory.
  2. All practical assignments & home works should be submitted in due time and the students’ attendance in the monthly class test is mandatory. The Progress and Performance reports will be sent to the parents/guardians.
  3. Dress code is compulsory for all the students.
    Girls – Salwar Kurta
    Boys – Formal Shirt & Trousers
  4. All students from each stream should cooperate with each other inside and outside the Institute and work together when required.
  5. Students should reach the class on time, failing which they will not be allowed to sit in the class.
  6.  Students are forbidden to gossip or use cell phone in the library. They are required to take proper care of the books taken by them from the library. Any dereliction on the part of the students will be strictly dealt with.
  7. There shall be two class representatives from each class (one boy and one girl) to look after the class matters.
  8. There shall be two student representatives looking after the conduct of seminars and workshops (both inhouse and special).
  9. Students shall form groups to manage special days/events like pujas, picnics, excursions, study tours etc.
  10. 10. Students of all the departments are required to contribute articles/ write ups to the wall magazine and inhouse journals.


The University Grants Commission (UGC) has strictly prohibited any forms of ragging by students in Institutions of Higher Learning. The students are therefore directed to strictly desist from any kind of ragging.

Punishment for Participation in/or Abetment of Ragging:

  1. Cancellation of admission.
  2. Suspension from attending classes.
  3. Withholding/withdrawing scholarship/fellowship and other benefits.
  4. Debarring from appearing in any test/examination or other evaluation process.
  5. Withholding results.
  6. Debarring from representing the institution in any national or international meet, tournament, youth festival, etc.
  7. Suspension/expulsion from the hostel.
  8. Rustication from the institution for periods varying from 1 to 4 semesters or equivalent period.
  9. Expulsion from the institution and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution.
  10. Other punishments as deemed fit by the management of the institute.

Affidavit by students and parents

Each student shall have to furnish an affidavit along with the application form to the effect that they will not participate in or abet the act of ragging and that, if found guilty, shall be liable for punishment under the penal law of India.