Seminars and Workshops

Now a day everything is getting advanced every second of time. Whatever be the field, everything is getting advanced. These updates on various fields cannot be included in the student curriculum. Hence, the seminars and workshops on various burning issues help students to update their knowledge.

Department-wise list of seminars for 2017-18 academic session

Sl.No. Name of Topic Date
1 Corporate Media and Threat to Democracy 15/09/2017
2 Ethical and Legal Aspects of Advertising 27/10/2017
3 TRP Wars: The Battle Between News Anchors on Indian Television 16/11/2017
4 Emergence of ICT & Its Role in Media 12/01/2018
5 Recent Trends of PR Practice 16/02/2018
1 Contribution Of Youth Organisations In Community Development 22/09/2017
2 The Effect Of Gender Inequality On Women Employment Opportunity 18/10/2017
3 Ambedkar’s Vision On Dalit Emancipation 23/11/2017
4 Empowerment Through E-panchayat 7/02/2018
M.Com (F&C) and MPMIR
1 Role of Finance in Rural Sector 21/09/2017
2 Entrepreneurial Excellence in Today’s Culture 04/11/2017
3 Customer Relationship Management 16/12/2017