Academic Session: 2015-16

Sl.No Title Research Guide Research Scholar
1 A Study on Role of Folk Media in Dissemination of Information in Rural Area in Jajpur District Manoranjan Panda Chirantan Nathsharma
2 A Study on Impact of Youth-based Programmes of Odia TV Channels Manoranjan Panda Hemant Digal
3 A Study on Role of Communication in Agriculture (A Special Reference to Initiatives of OUAT) Manoranjan Panda Nijhum Tripathy
4 A Study on the Changing Trend of Odia Film Industry Dushmant Ku. Das Lalit Kishore Tripathy
5 A Study on Impact of Social Media on College Students in Bhubaneswar Manoranjan Panda Sibabrata Panda
6 A Study on the Realty of Hindi TV Reality Shows Dushmant Ku. Das Rasmi Ranjan Mohanty
7 A Study on Impact of TV Advertisements on School Children in Bhubaneswar Sarita Chopra Sanjita Sethy

Academic Session: 2014-15

Sl.No Title Research Guide Research Scholar
1 A Study on The Paika Akhada of Khurda Bibhudatta Mohapatra Sushrita Pattanaik
2 A Study on City Transportation System in Bhubaneswar Bibhudatta Mohapatra Gayatri Pradhan
3 A Study on Condition of Ancient Temples of Bhubaneswar Bibhudatta Mohapatra Rajkumar Mohanty
4 A Study on Impact of Television Reality Shows on Society Bibhudatta Mohapatra Lopamudra Khuntia
5 A Study on Malnutrition Problem Bibhudatta Mohapatra Dibyajyoti Jena
6 A Case Study on Adivasi Mela Lopamudra Srichandan Sanjeeb Kumar Behera
7 A Study on F.M. Radio Growth in Bhubaneswar Bibhudatta Mohapatra Jyotirmayee Naik
8 A study on Social Media and its’ Impact on Youth in Bhubaneswar Bibhudatta Mohapatra Laxmipriya Dash
9 A Study on Air Pollution by Coal and Dust (CARGO) in Paradip Bibhudatta Mohapatra Smruti Ranjan Swain
10 A Study on Impact of Animated Movies on Children Dusmanta Kumar Das Ladukishore Panda
11 A Study on Culture and Traditions of Kalahandi Sarita Chopra Abhisek Rout
12 A Study on Punishment in School Sarita Chopra Manpreet Kaur Bhogal
13 A Study on the Ownership & Management System in Odia Newspapers Dusmanta Kumar Das Radhashyam Mishra

Academic Session: 2013-14

Sl.No Title Research Guide Research Scholar
1 Evaluation of media use in corporate communication Mr. Dushmanta Kumar  Das Indira Priyadarshini  Mohanty
2 The  Study “ Analysis  & Interpretation  of the  Editorial Contents of’ The Dharitri” within a period of one month  i.e. December.2013 Mr. Satyajeet  Tripathy Jitendra  Kumar Nayak
3 A study on Impact of Cable Television  on Housewife in unit-9,  Bhubaneswar Mr.  Dushmanta Kumar  Das Subrat Sujat Maharana
4  A study on The Changing Life Style of Bhubaneswar Mr. Satyajit  Tripathy Ranjita Barik
5 A study On  The Life  and Preachings  of Bhima  Bhoi as a Mass Communicator Mr. Satyajit  Tripathy Rajendra  Kumar Pradhan
6 A study  on  Impact  of  Social  Media  on  Youth [a case study on Cuttack] Mr. Satyajit  Tripathy Abhaya  Kumar  Mishra
7 A dissertation Role of  I &PR Department  in Promoting Image of Government of Odisha. Mr. Satyajit  Tripathy Ashok Kumar  Mohanty
8 A case  study on Akshya Mohanty’s Life and Contribution to Odiya Music  and  Cine Industry Mr. Satyajit  Tripathy Devi Prasad  Debadarshi
9 A study on  Effect of Advertisement  on Consumer Mr. Dushmanta  Kumar  Das Gyana Ranjan Panda
10 A study on  Theatre in Odisha. [a case study on origin, growth  and impact of theatre in odisha] Mr. Amit Neogi Dushmanta  Kumar  Behera
11 A study on Sarvasikshya Abhiyan Marshaghai block of Kendrapada District .[ A case study on Raghabpur & Parakula Gram Panchayat] Mr. Satyajit Tripathy Dipika Guru
A study on Radio Chocolate 104-Origin, Growth and Dimensions
Mr. Satyajit Tripathy L  Prajna Paramita
A dissertation on Socio-Economic  Condition  of Divorced Muslim Women  in Sardhapur, Khordha
Mr. Satyajit Tripathy Monalisha Mishra
14 A case study on  ‘’Media Exposure of The Scheduled Caste Village of Kanheipur Panchayat’’ Mr. Satyajit Tripathy Smitarani Devi
15 A case study on Online Advertising – Trends and Patterns in India Mr. Satyajit Tripathy Itishree Purohit
16 A case study on  The Growth and Development of Bandhakala Worker Dusmanta Kumar Das Vandana Mishra
A study on Comparative Analysis on Magazine Content
Ms. Shreeja Panda Ms. Shreeja Panda Satyajit Sahoo

Academic Session: 2012-13

Sl.No Title Research Guide Research Scholar
1 A study on the attitude and behavior of Sebayats towards devotees in Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Arun Ku. Mohapatra
2 A study on Socio-Economic condition of working women in municipality area, Kendrapara Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Soumyashree Lenka
3 A study on the impact of Human Trafficking in Bhubaneswar Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Sameer Ranjan Das
4 A study on initiatives taken by Government  of Odisha for development of sports 2002-12 Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Prabhudatta Mohapatra
5 Commercialization of culture and role of mass media: A study in Bhubaneswar Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Sasmita Biswal
6 A study on development of primary education in Padhuan and Kumarpur G.P. of Basudevpur Block, Bhadrak Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Subhasini Tripathy
7 A study on the life style of the people in Bhubaneswar (A case study on Ward No.22 of BMC) Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Manas Ku. Sahoo
8 A study on the impact of animated advertisement: A case study on Electronic Media ETV & OTV (Area-Bhubaneswar) Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Dipika Mohanty
9 A study on the impact of Cyber Crime on new generation (Area-Khurda) Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Apurba Ranjan Panda
10 A study on the growth and development of journalism and mass communication as professional education Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Shabiha Nur Khatoon
11 A study on the Socio-Economic impact of mining on people: A cast study on Jharia Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Nidhi Sinha
12 A study n various traditional dance form in Odisha ( A case study on Chhau and Sambalpuri dance) Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Nitu Singh
13 A study on the problems and prospects of Tourism in Ganjam Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Arun Ku. Sahu
14 A study on the growth and development of small scale industries in Macheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Gitanjali Patajyosi
15 A study on media influences marketing & sales (A case study on shopping malls in Bhubaneswar) Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Rajalaxmi Nathsharma
16 A study on the art & culture of Sambalpur District Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Mammun Patel
17 A comparative study of enrolment of students in Government and Private schools Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Tinkal Mohapatra
18 A study on the condition of ancient temples of Bhubaneswar Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Kamaraj Dwibedy
19 Content Analysis of Times of India and The Hindu Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Kumari Ankita
20 A study on impact of industrialization on socio-economic condition of people in Danagadi Block, Jajpur Road Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Lipsa Dhir Samanta
21 A study on rising popularity of trendy bikes among youth (A case study in Bhubaneswar) Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Tapasa Kumar Parida
22 A study on cyber media and its impact on youth (A case study on Bhubaneswar and Cuttack) Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Nitesh Kumar Pattanayak
23 A study on influence on media in creating awareness on electoral rights (A case study on DD and AIR, Rajsunakhela Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Amar Ghadei
24 A study on the impact of media on slum dwellers in Bhubaneswar (A case study on DD & Odisha Time) Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Madhusmita Parida
25 A study on impact of advertisement on private FM channel, Bhubaneswar Mr. Gyana Ranjan Mishra Sunita Patnaik