Dear Students,

In today’s world of liberalization, economic growth with social justice and human face is given top priority. In the Indian context, holistic and sustainable development of the rural populace is the crying need of the hour.

An empowered media with well-trained and motivated media and mass communication personnel can intensify the development process. An army of social work agents with professional expertise and dedication can implement developmental interventions. Skilled and efficient managers, computer professionals and administrators can facilitate the pace of progress of the nation.

Institute of Media Studies (IMS) is pledged to realize this mission of producing the critical thinkers and manpower through its academic programmes and other extension activities viz. study, research, innovation etc.

What we require today is the building up of critical human resources – skilled, committed and professional – that will carry out the task of the multisectoral and multi-dimensional development in these fast changing times.

IMS is wedded to the ideals of producing committed media personnel, social change agents and catalysts by providing a positive, favorable ambience for academic pursuits and applied developmental study and research in the relevant fields.

These are exciting times and we must seize the opportunity to create a platform where the throbbing, enthusiastic youth can jointly dream of a transformed society and get groomed to see the dream come true through individual and collective action - in a spirit of enlightened, humane professionalism.

IMS has provided the opportunity for the dedicated boys and girls to directly participate in nation-building by pursuing careers in social work and rural development, mass communication and management studies. 

Wish you best of all things,

Prof. Upendra Padhi