Institute of Media Studies, popularly known as IMS, was founded in 1994 by an inspired group of eminent intellectuals and journalists of Odisha with support and encouragement from the State Government. The Institute is affiliated to Utkal University and recognized by the Government of Odisha.

Over these years, IMS has been committed to excellence in higher education foraying into diversified disciplines of learning. It has steadily evolved into a world class academic institution recognized for the experiential learning it offers, the competent and compassionate faculty, the stellar media laboratories, academic vibrancy and cosmopolitan culture. Since its inception, it has been producing trained media, social, financial and industrial professionals while the institute has blossomed into a center of excellence in media studies as well as in social and management studies. At present, it offers four courses - MJMC, MSW, M.Com (Financial & Control) and MAPMIR.

The institute has a state-of-art campus in the heart of Bhubaneswar. Known for its creative dynamism and flexibility, the IMS offers varied programmes blending skill development and value orientation to shape the career of students and develop holistic personality to be privileged members of the civil society. A governing body and advisory board comprising reputed academicians, media experts and exponents of corporate and social sectors have been managing daily affairs the institute. The decision of the management stands final and decisions taken in the management relating to academic activities are transparent to the public.


  • To achieve academic excellence.
  • To uphold moral values of the society.
  • To inculcate a service of social justice.
  • To become a national leader in higher education


  • To impart futuristic and comprehensive education of global standards with a high sense of discipline and social relevance in a serene and invigorating environment.
  • Creating the best possible multi-dimensional academic ambience and harnessing all the resources at our disposal to make this seat of learning a center of excellence.
  • Adding value to human self by producing skilled, competent young professionals wedded to the ideals of professionalism with a human face and justice.
  • Ensure the steady supply of highly trained skilled and professionally competent media personnel to the different media houses both inside and outside of the state.


To achieve global standards and excellence in Teaching, Research and Consultancy by creating an environment in which the faculty and students share a passion for creating, sharing and applying knowledge to continuously improve the quality of education.